Imagine being part of the world’s largest musical tribute for a global icon.

Join Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday celebration, a series of charitable concerts held on one day across the world.
And, you can support his legacy. Liberate children from poverty through literacy. Play your part.


What do we do?

Mandela Concerts provides you, together with the rest of the world, an opportunity to celebrate a global icon’s 100th birthday. It will be the single largest musical tribute event in history delivered live in multiple host cities on the same day, the 18th July, in support of liberating children from poverty through improved literacy.

Once one concert has finished, another will begin until the day is over. It’s ambitious, but to quote Mandela “it always seems impossible until it’s done”. Mandela Concerts doesn’t stop there. We will also be accompanied by the famous writer Gail Godwin, who has written the book “Grief Cottage“. Not only this, we have a 10 year project plan to fund the Nelson Mandela Literacy Project via the Long Walk to Freedom Brand, sustaining his legacy of combating child literacy.

We’re currently busy making everything happen ensuring we have music artists, partners, sponsors, venues – the list goes on. We are actively seeking your support to make it the largest celebration the world has seen.

"It's music and dancing that makes me at peace with the world."

Nelson Mandela

Who are we?

We’re an international team of talented individuals including direct lineage to Nelson Mandela, music professionals, financial services experts, political diplomats, entrepreneurs, media and marketing gurus from Sydney and all over the world.

What brings us together is our passion to sustain Mandela’s legacy via his favourite medium – music.

Together, we’re helping shape children’s futures by facilitating access to education to reduce poverty. We’re offering you the chance to get involved.


Quite simply:

A global icon with a lifetime of achievements deserves to have a 100th birthday celebration. And, who doesn’t love a celebration?

Literacy and numeracy is an ongoing global developmental issue and it’s more widespread than you think. We are driving forward Mandela’s legacy to raise child literacy and numeracy rates in Sub-Saharan Africa and raising awareness on an international scale.

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela

The Literacy Project

250m children do not have basic literacy and numeracy skills

57m primary school-aged children do not currently attend school

If children in low income countries left school with basic reading skills, 171m people could be lifted out of poverty. A 12% reduction in world poverty

90% of schools in South Africa do not have libraries

Our work goes hand in hand with the UN’s Millennium Development Goals on poverty alleviation and we are driving efforts to reach an entire generation of children in the face of poverty. Since 2011, the Nelson Mandela Literacy Project has provided 100,000 South African children daily access to reading materials through containerised libraries.

On the 18th July, we aim to raise millions to go towards:

  1. 100 new library units to the most vulnerable schools in South Africa
  2. 200 Toddler Trolley Library programme for South African children aged 5-6
  3. Developing a High School Skills Programme for implementation in 2021
  4. Launching the Digital Library and project team (currently undergoing testing)
  5. Creating a managed fund to provide security and operational costs of the programme

Over the course of 10 years,
we will:

  1. Expand the Digital Library to North African and Eastern European underprivileged communities
  2. Develop a Children Connectivity web system to link school communities worldwide to stimulate learning and encourage the importance of diversity and understanding different cultures

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